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In the Garden at Wishing Well Cottage.

Posted on June 27, 2015 at 2:50 PM Comments comments (0)

I haven't been online very much for the last 6 weeks, way too busy getting the house & Garden ready for the Summer. The weather man said last night, "next week is going to be a scorcher" so I am so glad my painting & gardening are now up to date.

So welcome to Wishing Well Cottage's English Garden, I should do a video, so you can hear the Beautiful Bird song too.

This is a bedraggled me, after the rain got me.
 photo DSC_0622 3_zpsy6dkgljr.jpg

Last year I collected my Pansies Seeds, planted them not sure if I had Green Fingers &

unbelievabley they all took, so we now have 12 hanging Baskets, 2 troughs filled with Pansies & four half baskets & 9 planters. All I have to do now  is water them everyday!!!

I didn't think it through...
 photo DSC_0039_zpszjbev1od.jpg

 photo DSC_0038_zps5xu4wfrw.jpg photo DSC_0034_zpsdykzfd2b.jpg

 photo DSC_0032_zpsykzomksv.jpg

Buckets of Pansies... luckily I loves them... they have little faces :-)

 photo DSC_0600_zpsyof18jmx.jpg

I love Bunting.. I would put it everywhere for everyday :-) all year..

 photo DSC_0599 2_zpscbdaogs5.jpg

 photo DSC_0601 2_zpsmnjrch5w.jpg

 photo DSC_0602 2_zpszuw8ufo0.jpg.

This is Queenie & Absinth our Vintage Girls. They are painted for Summer, they just need their Rain hats taking off.

 photo DSC_0614_zpso1lkyfin.jpg

You can just see the Real Wishing Well around the corner.

 photo DSC_0606_zpssvrsz9hr.jpg

We had to move the Chickens eglu onto the patio this week, because Mr Fox has paid a visit to the Farmers wife's Chickens & he completely

annihilated everyone of them :-( then attacked our neighbours Chickens too... so our Girls are closer to home. But the little minxes won't go to bed on time.

 photo 08aad54c-d88c-4cbd-9302-c52209795f2a_zpspsmw7c72.jpg

 photo DSC_0620_zpskblavl5f.jpg

 photo DSC_0052_zpsmq6rcrla.jpg

Namaste :-)

 photo b96df00d-6c89-4c8e-87d0-c3da03ad4ff3_zpsgct0og5l.jpg

 photo DSC_0055_zps6nwh5br3.jpg

 photo DSC_0053_zpskavtkkfl.jpg

When my Dad passed away in 2011, I decided to make a Garden for him. It is heart shaped & it used to be a

huge pile of Tree's & now its all Poppies & Wild Flowers. Today they looked Glorious.

 photo DSC_0640 2_zpsx8o8rta5.jpg

 photo DSC_0645 3_zpssbcbrnrz.jpg

 photo DSC_0651 2_zps1odaij3j.jpg

 photo DSC_0657_zpsl6roine5.jpg

 photo DSC_0656 2_zpsbjdlvjoj.jpg

So this is June 2015 at Wishing Well Cottage, its been lovely sharing it with you :-) x

 photo DSC_0031_zpsax2np0j8.jpg

Just got my new Alice Tarot Deck..

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My Beautiful New Alice Tarot Cards arrived.
They are officially my favourite Deck &

I loves Baba Studio... even if I did lose my account with my lovely points when they updated their website :-(

But I forgive Baba anything... I have nearly all thier decks :-)

Getting Ready for Summer.

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We've been busy Bee's at Wishing Well Cottage.

We Annie Sloaned the front Room, re-vamped the Bathroom & Pansied the Garden.. :-)

Brightened the Fire Place with Annie Sloan & Farrow & Ball Paint, & its made the room feel much larger.

Bought some vintage Lampshades online to replace the 90's cold glass down lighters, & added crystal drops for some vintage glam.

The new lampshades give a warm downward warm light.

Also revamped our Bathroom on a budget

, won a slipper Bath on ebay & had the whole room covered in Victorian tiles.

& today I have been planting Pansies.

Last year I saved any Pansey Seeds I could find, not imagining I had Green fingers.

Planted them & amazingly, they all have taken.. I have literally 100's of flowers.. even though I have given some away..

So far!  I have 12 hanging baskets & I have used the pallet from my Bathroom tiles to house some of my flower Babies :-)

Its been a busy 4 weeks, so!... Tomorrow is Bank Holiday Monday &  I will be doing nothing :-)

Welcome to Wishing Well Cottage.

Posted on February 27, 2015 at 10:50 AM Comments comments (1)

Welcome to our Home :)

Our house is a Victorian Old Almshouse which was originally 4 little houses built over 100 years ago.

We added the Pump & Victorian Mirror last year.

In the 1980's it was converted into one house.

It was called the Old Almshouse but in 2011 after a bad year I legally changed the name

to Wishing Well Cottage & I made this sign out of part of an antique Opium Bed..

This is the Hall.

As you can see we are Maximalists :D

We bought the tall lamp from our local Antique center the Maltings last month

for just £60.00 :) . We think it looks a bit Downton Abbey..

The huge chest of Drawers I won with bids when I was 18 & I won it for !18.00... I was told

it was a Monks Chest?? it has super deep drawers..

This is our Victorian Fireplace.. we love the flowers.

My Dad fitted this Victorian Fireplace, it replaced a naff modern Brick fireplace someone had put in..

I think Victorian in a Victorian House & modern in modern..etc 50's pieces in 50's houses... it looks better!

The Cats corner... they love their house :D I don't care if it looks mad!

Kitchen... you have to put the Kitsch in Kitchen! hence the polka dot lamp & cake stands  :D

We revamped our kitchen with some goodies off ebay!

The Welsh Dresser top on the wall we won for £32.00 & the

Pine Island with Bosch hob & Gas Bottle we won for a bargain £18.00 :)

& we brought it all together with matching crystal handles..

Dining Room & Books :D

Spare Bedroom with original Stove & Fireplace..

The wall art is from Germany & its called the Secret.

Our Moon Gazing Cat Clyde acting like the Cat God / Bast.

(ignore the box of wallpaper in the middle)

I loves Glitter Balls....

This is our little Copse, which our Chickens love to play in &

Our Garden.. where our Caravans..named  Queenie & Absinthe (Green Fairy) live :D

Thanks for calling in  :D call back soon xx


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Just Arrived in store!

Magical Silk Tarot Bags.

in both

moongazingcat.com & Moon Gazing Cat ebay.

Simple Caravan Insurance have featured our Caravan :-)

Posted on August 5, 2014 at 2:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Simple Caravan Insurance have featured our

Vintage Caravan Queenie

on their brilliant website :-)


They also featured 3 other Caravans..

1. Creating Happier Campers

2. Building a lovable office and guest space

3.A budget transformation

& 4. we are the The ultimate kitsch caravan :-)

Please check it out!

Queenie our Vintage Caravan..

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 This is Queenie our newly renovated Caravan :)

We bought her from our Neighbours Nige & Lou & they

had already started the work.. new flooring & powder Blue wheels

& Cath Kidston Wallpaper, blue paint... & 2 blinds :)

She took us  just 3 weeks then  to revamp inside & out & now

we are now ready for Summer-time .

Sandra made all the curtains & seat covers &

Jenny just painted everything..

This is Before &

3 pictures down the After.

 photo download_zps336afec9.jpg photo download_zpsd34eb506.jpg photo download_zps215b92b3.jpg

 photo download_zpsd8e20917.jpg photo download_zps2cdb1c9a.jpg photo download_zps48affcee.jpg photo download_zpse9adc804.jpg photo download_zps2be1f551.jpg photo download_zpscf7c3b95.jpg photo download_zps48e748ba.jpg photo download_zpsd622a60b.jpg photo download_zpscf581fba.jpg photo download_zpsc9d32878.jpg photo download_zpsf2aaee03.jpg photo download_zpsdd77dc4e.jpg photo download_zps2100bf7e.jpg photo download_zpsa2ca752a.jpg photo download_zps355c56f3.jpg photo download_zps4737c331.jpg photo download_zps70ea223c.jpgQUEENIE xxx.

Moon Cat Pendant..

Posted on March 3, 2014 at 2:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Stunning Moon Gazing Cat Pendants just in,

in both Silver & Bronze, designed by artist Lisa Parker.

Pendant will arrive in a Black velvet pouch & with Black Suede cord.

Just click picture to go to listing...

Bonnie & Clyde Art :)

Posted on February 27, 2014 at 8:25 AM Comments comments (0)

Bonnie & Clyde match their Portraits :)

our new Lisa Parker "Witching Hour" & "Fortune Teller" pictures.

New Lisa Parker Jewellery just in :)

Posted on February 27, 2014 at 8:10 AM Comments comments (0)
Beautiful Lisa Parker Jewellery just in..
Cats, Ravens, Owls & Wolves coming soon.
Truly magical statement Jewellery, looks stunning when worn.

Our Chickens :)

Posted on January 27, 2014 at 11:30 AM Comments comments (0)

These are our Chickens, Betty, Primrose & Margo. They are the nicest Girls.. spending all day running around our garden in

a Benny Hill style run.. Margo is the boss, Betty 2nd in command & little Primrose is the sweetest natured girl.

They all come for their names & when Margo lays an egg, she comes to the back door & clucks loudly :)

I am so glad I am vegetarian, because I cannot stand the smell of cooked Girls now :(


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Its a close countdown to Halloween, & I have just found this beautiful Victorian Halloween card that I wanted to send to you :)

vintage witch photo: halloweern tie HW8.jpg

Have a Spooky, Happy Halloween.

What a difference a year makes :)

Posted on September 30, 2013 at 12:15 PM Comments comments (0)

My kitten's Bonnie & Clyde are a year old.. & look how they have changed, from frightened feral babies into much loved Cats.


Chillaxed Bonnie :)

Posted on September 15, 2013 at 2:40 PM Comments comments (0)
I blogged about Clyde the other day & so
I couldn't ignore his Sister,
my Moon Gazing Baby Bonnie.
Here she is, looking totally Chillaxed.
Check out her gorgeous paws :D

Find Clyde!

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I have been up - cycling again :)

& while hand painting a beige Vintage Lampshade,

I broke off to make a cup of tea &

my beautiful Clyde decided to

play hide & seek..

So ... Spot The Kitty :)

My beautiful Clyde looking cross

because I  sought "seeked him out". :)

Our Vintage Caravan.

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This is our vintage 1984 compass caravan.

She came to us as a complete filthy wreck & we gutted her inside & gave her a good scrub then paint job & we turned her from a monster caravan into our summer haven. She has a little electric fire & a standard lamp & a little record player for the full vintage feel We have also managed to fit a double bed settee, infact once she was gutted she was a lovely size. We also won the fab ready made wood steps on ebay for £65.00 which means we can now sit on a balcony :)

We love our Summer,

& we can have summer all year round now.


Thank you for looking :)

I was totally inspired by a blog I found called

 Happy Loves Rosie,

a brilliant lady called Happy Harris :)


All Change.

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My beautiful Kittens had to have new names last week, when I looked around from my work  while at the computer & saw two little black pom poms unders Tia's tail, so now Tia is called Clyde & Gypsy smashed a very special ornament ( accidently, bless her :) ) & so now she is Bonnie. There was no point  changing just one name..

So now they are Bonnie & Clyde after the infamous partners in crime..

The one thing which hasn't changed, it is how much we love them.

This is my little Black Kitten Tia aka Clyde :)

Bonnie & Clyde's first Christmas :)

New arrivals :)

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We visited the Ark Animal Rescue on Tuesday to officially adopt Happy our Rescued Doggy :) & look who we have adopted now, :D 2 adorable Kittens. A lady was feeding their Mummy and eventually the Kitty Mum carried her kittens to her house for the food & then the Lady managed to catch the babies, (unfortunately her hands were scratched to bits in the process :() she then took the babies to the Ark Animal Rescue in Lincolnshire. They were feral, but they have been loved back to domestic kittiness by Laura the assistant manager at the Ark, & they are now the sweetest & soppiest Kittens ever.

I did intend to adopt just one Kitten, but when I discovered her Sister was in the next cage I didn't want to separate them, so they were reunited immediately :D they really do adore each other.

We were going to name them Sugar & Angel, but naming a cat is a serious matter, so now we know their little personalities, the names Tia & Gypsy are much more them. Tia (as in Maria) because our Black baby is so sweet & silky and dark & adorable. Gypsy because our little Tabby is a little wild at heart when playing & she is so exotic & beautiful :D.

So here is Tia & Gypsy our new Babies

Happy House.

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We visited the Ark Animal Rescue 6 weeks ago to take them some cat food & bedding/towels because I read on their website that their Cats were all in quaranteen with Cat Flue.

Within no time we were leaving with a new member of our family. We didn't plan to take an animal home! The little animal in question is a  thirteen year old Lhasa apso, who has one eye  (he lost it as a puppy to a cat scratch :() he was in the Ark because his Daddy had passed away & he was grieving for him & he looked very, very sad.

We just couldn't say no! He was very talkative on the way home. His name was Rocky, but as he was having a new chapter in his little life we have slightly renamed him & he is now called Happy :D.

Rocky first day.


The first thing he did, was to jump on the sofa & make himself at home & then he started to train us, in the ways of Happy. He made it clear, he did not like Dog food of any kind, but he understood all the meat words, so he now eats Chicken & Beef. He does not like large Dog Biscuites, (spits out) he only likes small ones. He loves his tummy tickling & he does not like the word No, if we say the word No, then he sulks. We tried to bath him, but he just screamed, so we pulled him straight out of it & decided to have him washed by a professional.  We soon learned, he had been a very worshipped little Dog & that it was our job to continue this course :) He is super friendly to everyone he meets, he loves Cats and Dogs. He is very clean in the house, when he wants a treat he sits up and begs, with his little paws tightly together, he still talks a lots. The only down side is he does not like to be left, I suppose his Daddy going into hospital and then never returning has left its scar.. plus he was his Daddys constant companion, luckily we work from home, so its not really a problem for us.

Now, it has been 6 weeks & Happy has been to the Doggie parlour & we have learned all the ways of Happy & he is a very Happy Doggy & so are we :D He is a complete joy to have around.

The only sad part of our story is, my beautiful cat Amber who we have had 12 years, was diagnosed with secondary cancer, which had spread to her lungs. She still looked beautiful and she was only really off her food for a couple of days, but the vet did some xrays & then said it was very rare for it to spread to a cats lungs, advised us to have her put to sleep, which of course broke my heart, I could not refuse, I couldn't let my Princess suffer, so she passed away three weeks ago.

So maybe Happy came to us for a reason, we think we are helping rescue Animals but really they are on this earth to help us too.

I did this..

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I created my new store logo today, :)

 it has taken me hours, but I am really happy with it.

I have added Tarot, Crystals. Pussycat on Broom  & the Moon :)

even a Crystal Ball.. Its Magical.


- bid2 - cheap8