Magickal Cat Names.


The naming of a cat is a difficult matter.

It isn't just one of your holiday games.

You may think at first I'm as mad as a hatter.

When I tell you a cat must have

3 different names..... 

T.S Eliot.

If you have any good kitty names please email us :)

& I will add them to the list at the bottom of the page :)

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Beautiful Clyde 2014

Dec 2012: We have two new arrivals to our family.

This is Tia & Gypsy our little feral Kittens from the Ark Animal Rescue & Retirement home. .. & yes it took me ages to pick the names :)

Lots of Cat names below :)

Feb 2013 UPDATE!

Beautiful Tia our little Green Eyed cutie grew 2 little furry pom poms!, so she is now called Clyde & so we changed both our babies names to


Beautiful Bonnie 2014

Vintage small Metal
USA Iowa
Pussy Cats Sign.

Little heavy metal vintage sign with Cute Kitties wearing hats. This item is vintage / old and has been used so please do not expect it to be in perfect condition., it is shabby chic & cute.

Hat Emporium FINE HATS for Ladies & Gents.

measures approx:
26. cm x 15. cm

£6.99 & £ 1.00 p.p

Magical Girl Cat Names.


Amber, Patches, Willow, Indigo,

Anck-Su-Namun, this was the name of King Tuts Mistress, but is better known as the evil lady in the 2nd Mummy movie. 

Princess, Queen, Cleo, Magic,

Spooky, Trixie, Queenie,

Daisy, Bella, Rosie, Doris,

Bast, Mabon, Gwen, Amethyst,

Luna, Sparkle, Gypsy, Tabitha, Venus,

Angel, Beryl, Citrine,

Miaow, Star, Tallulah, Rosie,

Freya. Treacle, Pawline, Mitzi,

Kazia, Sheba, Oonagh, Kali,

Tara, Vesta, Ishtar, Gloria,

Snowy, Kathy, Cherub, Wendy,

Mrs C, Dinah, Solstice, Velvet,

 Zanzibar, Yum Yum, Orchide,

 Pixie, Saffron, Gabriel, Biba,

 Bunny, Kiki-Dee, Maizie,

 Fruity, Myrtle, Clarisa, Honey,

Pumpkin, Dusty, Nikkie, Maggie,

Isis, Trinny, Geisha, Bardot,

Marilyn, Marmite,Missy

Celia, Judie, Betty,

Kissy Kiss, Tracy, Sharon,

Winnie, Sweetie, Debbie, Shandy,

Elfie, Pixie, Nina, Margo,

Smittens, Cher, Shirley, Purdy,

Mrs Peel, Apricot,

Orla, Katy, Claudia,

Clawdia, Mitzie, Jennyanydots,

Mrs Norris, Uhura, She, Minty,

Moonlight, Dolly, Bunny, Chatty,

Happy, Tinka, Misty, Yoko, Alice,

Olga, Pretty, Poppy, Stardust,


Pushka (means little Paw in Russian),

Peeka Boo, Psssst, Cassandra, Electra,

Grisabella the Glamour Cat,

Growltiger, Jellylorum,

The Gumbie Cat,

Pearl, Ruby, Cupcake, Lolliepop,

Candy, Cookie, Duchess, Onyx,

Fairy, Fay, Inky, Liquorice, Calypso,

Gaia, Hathor, Lorelie, Maneki,

Neko, Penelope, Sekhemet, Coven,

 Minerva, Marilyn, Milkshakes,

Lucky, Sassy, Sprinkles, Snowball,

Vienna, Amethyst, Bollie,

Baby, Cherry, Eloise,

Eclipse, Egypt, Kizmit,

Khat, Kizzy, Lullaby, Lulu,

Loopy, Purriwinkles, Zena,

Kashmere, Custard, Rhoobarb,

Banshee, Beauty, Celeste,

Foxy, Puzzle, Selene

Ceridwen, Hecate, Nymph,

Witchen, Flower, Lady, Spiral,

Daisy, Wanda, Blinky, Zee Zee,

Majesty, Tickle, Pet, Katy Kat,

Milly, Molly, Mandy,

Petal, Sugar, Spice, Sweetness,

Twinkle, Ruby, Sparkle,

Furbaby, Angelica, Ivy,

 Pansy, Madame, Preciouse, Pickle,

Gorgeous, Mistress, Boss,

Aggie, Amulet, Baby,

Chanel, DIVA, Cheetah,

Disco, Posh, Duchess, 

Glitter, Gingersnap, Foxie,

Lovebug, Mimsy, Mooch,

Purrball, Kitty Perry, 

Magickal Cat Boys Names..

Paitoon, which is Thai (Siamese) for Moonstone.  

Shasta aka shaz or Golden Boy,

Bandit or BB, 

Thor, Moggy, Voodoo, Sooty, Wiccan, Arthur, Omen, Magic, Ace, Merlin, Harry, Frodo, Cobweb, Cosmic, Spook, Sly, Chaos, Roary,

FlAME, Parsley, Pooka, Toggle, Fred, Buster, Mu, Meu,

Ying Yang, Toby Rumi Claude, Cosmos, Whiskie, Pyewacket Leo,

Cfer (cat) Tarot, Nimrod, Ichabod,

Archie, Icarus,

Sunny, Barney, Seb, Max,

Maxwell, Zen, Mr C,

Pippin, Tartan, Tomato,

Wonton, Dandy Galahad,

Conan, Mittens,

Plato, Kafka, Winston,

Zorro, Freud, Tolstoy,

Dickens, Lennon, Cupid,

Dandy-Lion, Cake,

Raphael, Ochre, Liquorice,

Ginger, Clown, Patch, Herb,

Ebony, Picasso, Albert,

Tony, Mozart,

Lovejoy, Pipkin, Boo,

Barathea, Crooner, Barry,

Teddy, Steed, Shere Khan,

Rum tum, Wobble, Polka, Sky,

D.C, Caruso, Deuteronomy,

T.S Elliot, Greebo, Copper,

Basil, Avalon, Swizzle,

Skylar, Bertie, Midnight, Pudding,

Admetus, Alonzo, Bustopher,

Magical, Mr Mistoffelees aka

Quaxa, Mungojerrie,

Tumblebrutus aka Bill Bailey,

Thomas O'Malley,

Banana's, Hiisi, Orion, Oberon,

Seth, Titan, Thrill, Wizard,

Severus, Wiggles,

Thackery Binx,

Bagheera (Jungle Book Panther)

Cheshire, Lipshen,

Maurice, Pyewacket,

Ratha, Shere Khan,

Slinky Malinki, Squire,

Tibert, Rum Tum Tugger,

Peter, Tazzle, Attila,

Bagpuss, Doraemon, Faron,

Noodles, Nero, Dice,

Cappuccino,  Cashmere

Fezzywig, King, Knight,

Minimog, Peskie,

Pluto, Pharoah, Pewter,

Runic, Rowan, Stone,

Spirit, Licky Scrathipoo's,

Tinkle, Urchin, Zog,

Zig Zag, Guru, Charm,

Valentino, Thunder, Phantom,

Sinbad, Dylan, Aslan,

Crookshanks, Salem, Simba,

Captain, Hoodoo, Albino,

Comet, Tigg, Scratch, Fury,

Oddie (Bird Watcher), Duke,

Sir C, Boss, Purr Meister,

Spring, Izzy, Wizzy, Beast,

Sage, Norse, Herby,

Tin Tin (as in food)

Pet, Nip, Wick, My-son,

Tinkle, Smudge, Hunter,

Squidgey, Brewster, Comic,

Cosmo, Boyo, Doodle, Jet,

His-Nibs, Pagan, Star,

Chief, Rufus, Casino,

Emperor, King, Boo Boo,

Dumpling, Feisty, Nubbins,

Puddy Tat, Pee wee,

Meowth,  Sherlock, Hank,

Tornado, Voltaire,

Taxi,  Ash,  Viggo,  Polka,



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Many Thanks. 

I want to say many, many thanks to everyone

who has sent us some amazing Cat names. :)

The latest brilliant Kitty names emailed are from:



My three year old male black cat is named "Punk" - and my new 8 week old male black cat is called "Pagan". They're both awesome and gorgeous.



We are having a grey kitten in 2 weeks and we are naming her Phoebe.



My first black cat was Vladimir, sweetest boy you'll ever meet. My second was a girl Guenivere (not named by me but appropriate) so when I lost Vlad, the next boy we got ended up being Lancelot. My friend wanted a vampire name and when we came across that we thought it appropriate to go with Guen, and they were great together. Right now, I have two orange cats, (Isa)Bella and Jacob. Long, long ago it was Jasmine Lynn, Brittany Marie, Brandon Lee and Jordan Alexander :)



My Cats:
Scamper Henry (Hank)
Willow Brook (Wills)
Melody Pond (Babbers)
Anything Else.. : Melody Pond is a Dr. Who character played by Alex Kingston



We've had three gorgeous persians namely Lucy, Millie and Saska. RIP all of them...they gave us so much love and enjoyment. Lucy just died before Xmas aged 18 yrs young bless her xoxo



Hi, my girls are Willow, Jezabel, Tabitha & Salem and my boys are Arcamedes, Balthazar, Merlin, Pudding, Bartleby & Loki, came looking today as a new baby turned up at my door, thanks for all the ideas :-)



Two great names for kitty cats:

Male - Qatari
Female (calico) Scribblina



I named my beautiful cat Spice. he is 9 on xmas day.



Friend named black cat HOOVER because he looked like the inside of a vacuum cleaner.



Sunshine is a nice name for a multicoloured cat (orange, ginger, black, white, brown) with a sweet loving personality.



Friend named black cat HOOVER because he looked like the inside of a vacuum cleaner.



Scooter, Pebbles



I'd just like to say I love this website! with the suggested names I have chosen to name my new female cat are

Iridescence Electra Jade.



Male cat name: Mr. Bello (Mr. Handsome)

E. Cook:

Message : 

In loving memory of my wonderful companion for 17 years:



Message :

For Females : "Isadora" meaning gift from Isis.
"Isis" is another great name. I also like "Raven"
For Males : "Astral" and
"Belasco" meaning : Son of the Raven.


Submitting my cats names - all 3 are black. Zora -16 yrs old - she's the queen of the tribe.
Found Midori last year- named her Midori because of her brilliant green eyes - 3rd black kitten I found this week I've named Adina - which means gentle


Just wanted to send my cats name out that I noticed you didn't have. Her name is Kato (like in the green hornet) because she has a black band across her eyes. It can also be a boys name too


I have a rescue cat that is pure black with brilliant gold green eyes who loves the night so we named her Mud after the goddess of the night.



Named my new all black, gold eyed, elegant, athletic, aaffectionate and charming female kitten: Tiny Panther Dancer



My cats are called Mortica (girl) and Gomez (boy) xx



i just wanted to tell you my cats names to see if you think they are magical (they are to me ), one is called Tinkabella and the other one is called Banjo.
thank you for reading



The name Kisa is uncommon and nobody

knows the exact origin, but it means little kitten.



Max & Molly.



My male cat is called, BINX after JINXs the kat.



We have had the boys rascals, ninja, tiger tam, Charlie, and the girls are Harley, cleo, dulux and kimeko x



My cute cats' names -
Boys: Boogie Man, Raisin' Cain (both black)

Thank you for the fab names Gabrielle:

Three have been forgotten, I think...

Merlin, Emrys and Taliesin :)

Peter Jackson.

Girl Cat names- Pixie, Kitten Mew, Athena, Cumulus,

Boy Cat names- Sammy Joe, Loki, Majick, Thomas.

Many thanks Peter :)

Latest names from


thank you, they are lovely.

My fav girl cat name: Kiki. Fav boy cat name:

Chino. (Pronounced Chino, like cappuccino) :)

 The latest names have been from

Peter in Oz:

Astrophe & Mandu

place "Cat" in front & you'll see.

& 2 Beautiful names from Nancy :)

Paitoon which is Thai ( Siamese) for Moonstone, we thought this was appropriate

Female Cat named Anck-Su-Namon. This was the name of King Tut's Mistress, but is better known as the evil lady in the 2nd Mummy movies.

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This is what an Amber looks like... 

Cat Crossing Forecast 


To have a Black cat cross your path is lucky.

To have a Ginger Cat cross your path

 means luck in money & business.

To have a white cat cross your path

 means luck in, spiritual matters,

divination & spell-craft, Magick.

To have a Tabby cat cross your path

means there will be luck for the home.

To have a Grey cat cross your path

 means a dream of yours will be coming true.

To have a Calico or Multi-coloured cat cross your path

 means luck with friends. 

To see two cats fighting means illness or a quarrel.

To have a Black-an&-White cat cross your path

 it means you will hear of the birth of

 a child or some family celebration.

To have a tortoiseshell cat cross

 your path means luck in love. 

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